Goodbye Dowell No-gains

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Fox’s exit is a no-brainer and a large part of his downfall was his loyalty to OC Dowell Loggains. Loggains was NEVER qualified for the job. His prior experience was as a Titans “Offensive Quality Control” coach and QB coach. He then was promoted to O-coordinator where he promptly led the Titans to a 27th ranked offense - then he was shown the door after one season. 


With the Bears, his blocking schemes and play-calling were abysmal along with his offensive personnel choices. Not to mention, he showed how incapable he is at developing young QB’s. Every team stacked the box on 1st and 2nd down daring the Bears to pass and then blitzed Trubisky on 3rd and long. 


Hopefully the Bears add some wr’s who can get some separation, use Cohen more (and correctly) and get in some young coaching blood like the Rams who have a little imagination in their formations and play calling. Trubisky has a bright future. 


The oversized oompa-loompa and his Napoleon complex should never be allowed near a football field again. 

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