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Kenny G

Trade talk

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Talking with a friend that isnt in the league I am going to referance about my playoff outlook.  I have road cooper kupp and amari cooper through the regular season at wide out.  My tight end has been travis kelce with mark Andrew's on the bench.  This league is what makes this a thought to me, starting line up is 1 qb 2 rb 2 we 1 te 1 k 1 D.  Points scored as 1 point per yard, 5 points per catch and 25 points per touchdown.  With cooper and kupps drop off would I be crazy to reshape my roster and offer the following 2 trades.  2 keeper league auction draft add 10 dollars to current salary to keep them.


Kupp $7 for saquaon $34 and davante Adam's $26 dollars.  The owner posted he wants to trade for a possible keeper kupp is currently the number 4 wide out in this leagues scoring


Next trade thought 


Kelce $25 and cooper $14 for Michael Thomas $31 and Delanie Walker $1.  Cooper is number 5 wide out well Thomas is number 1.  I'd still have mark Andrew's to start if I moved kelce.


Old starting line up

Lamar Jackson 5$

Melvin gordan 9$

Derrick Henry 13$

Cooper kupp 7$

Amari cooper 14$

Travis kelce 25$

Matt gay 5$

San Fran d 1$


If I did these trades

Lamar Jackson

Melvin gordan/Derrick henry 

Saquaon Barkley 

Micheal Thomas

Davante Adams

Mark Andrew's 2$

Matt gay

San Fran d


Players on my team not involved would be 

Tom Brady 9$

Baker Mayfield 10$

Tevin Coleman 8$

Derrius guice 5$

Darrell Henderson 2$

Mecole hardman 1$

Diontae Johnson 5$

Josh lambo 5$

Packer D 1$


Note all 5 dollar guys were free agent pick ups and default price.

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