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  1. Except Graham didn't score his weekly average, while others did.
  2. I faced Charles and if Graham would have scored at least 10 points, I would have won.
  3. Are KC resting Charles yet?
  4. What's worse is that the Raiders are making this a competitive game, so Charles is not going to get any rest
  5. NVM, he sees talent.
  6. Does he not see the talent in Alshon?
  7. Do you believe the pass catchers will have a better game, especially against an ATL defense if RG3 was benched? Anyone rolling with any Redskins pass catches for the fantasy playoffs? I'm debating to start Garcon or not
  8. Judging from the first 3 posts, it seems like you didn't even know the injury or cause of injury when you made the thread.
  9. ...... Anyone who took that hit to a knee would get injured.
  10. standard scoring, non ppr league. Playing for 2 seed for playoffs. Brown vs SD sounds like a better matchup than Graham vs CAR, but Graham can explode...
  11. Aaron Rodgers.
  12. I know in fantasy football terms, Graham is probably better this year and more explosive. But I am talking in pure football terms, it seems Graham can be easily more covered/stopped by big corners than Gronk. And Gronk is a way better blocker too, but to be fair, Graham doesn't get asked to be a blocker as much.