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  1. I'd do it if it was ESPN. If it changes for whatever reason please let me know
  2. If it changes to 12 let me know, I'd be in
  3. Don't care much about format other than auction draft and ESPN based. Thank you
  4. I just sent you an email. I'll pay immediately if you get me an invite
  5. If still available, I'll take it. Jeremiahhilliard@gmail.com
  6. Jeremiahhilliard@gmail.com I'll take a spot
  7. I'm interested if someone drops
  8. Jeremiahhilliard@gmail.com I'll do it
  9. I'm in on the 4th but the 7th I have a startup dynasty draft that will need my attention
  10. I see it's set to draft on the 7th. Is that locked in Or just picked a date to fill the spot?
  11. Didn't realize this is Labor Day. Just saw when I was putting in my calendar. I'll have to take my offer back. Sorry about that