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sons of anarchy

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I've given up watching the dvds in season3. This might be the worst series of all time.

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Sons of Anarchy drinking game:



- every time someone says "sh*t" ("bullsh*t" also counts)

- every time someone says "Jesus Christ"

- every time someone refers to the club in a way that makes you think it would be written as "THE CLUB"; chug if it is someone other than Jax referring to THE CLUB

- violence against a woman

- drug use (chug if it's hard drugs)

- dialogue is delivered in a whisper soft you have to rewind the DVR and crank up the volume on the tv and still aren't sure what the f*ck they just said so you turn on the subtitles

- a biker hugs another biker; chug if they are members of different clubs

- someone except Gemma is directly referred to in a family way ("brother/brutha"; "son" - Jax talking about "my son" wouldn't count, it has to be to the other person's face)



- every time there is gunplay, whether or not someone is shot

- every time there is montage

- rape, prison or otherwise

- child endangerment; do a shot if endangered child is someone other than Abel

- Son is injured/wounded - doesn't matter whether it's by accident, by an enemy, or by another club member


SHOT (this is on top of other chugs/drinks - Abel's kidnapping would involve a chug, a shot, and probably a bunch of drinks for all the "sh*t!"s and "Jesus Christ!"s that went on):

- someone murdered; two shots if it is an innocent bystander (i.e. Myles = one shot; Toric's sister = two shots)

- kidnapping

- when something sh*tty happens to Otto (you can simplify this and assume that if Otto is onscreen, something sh*tty is happening to him)

- club actually does something a real motorcycle club might do (example - barbecue, goes out on a ride for the fun of it, etc) (I don't know that this has ever happened in the show)

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