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Who to keep/drop (salaried dynasty league)?

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League Info:
12 team, $200 salary cap 0.5 PPR league, start 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1D, 1K, full dynasty (keep everyone, salaries go up each year), 15-17 players.

Current Salary:  $197


QB - Cousins ($15), Mahomes ($1)
RB - David Johnson ($29), Dixon ($3), J. Williams ($3)
WR - Julio ($44), Evans ($25), Michael Thomas ($17), Watkins ($14), Crowder($4), Godwin ($4), Ross ($3)
TE - Graham ($12), Doyle ($6)
K  - Tucker ($3)
D  - Jags ($7)


I currently project Cousins, Johnson, Julio, Evans, Thomas, Graham, Tucker, Jags as my starters ($152).  


Who would you keep/drop before the upcoming draft?  Top tier rookie RBs go for up to $35, and top tier free agents go $45 to $55 usually based on team needs to give you an idea of league values.  There won't be many big name stars in the auction, so someone like Julio would probably go for more than $44.  The QBs usually go for $12 to $15 for middle of the road ones, the top ones are usually in the 30s.  


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I wouldn’t keep cousins. I’d think you could draft equal value for less?

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