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  1. Bench Godwin in the pouring rain for Eli Mitchell? (Flex) Fields out! Start 1️⃣Carr @Sea, 2️⃣Matt Ryan vs Pitt, 3️⃣Tannehill vs Cincy (already starting Henry), or 4️⃣Heinicke vs ATL in the rain.
  2. Losing Fields probably. Who has most upside this week? I have Watson stashed for after this week.
  3. I have Justin Fields and he's my only quarterback. His injury doesn't look good for him being available week 12. I do have DeShaun Watson who will not play until week 13. Should I trade Watson for Geno Smith now so I don't have to worry about not having a week 12 quarterback?
  4. Who to start at RB2: Rachaad White vs Seahawks Eli Mitchell vs Chargers Brian Robinson vs Eagles Latavius Murray vs Tennessee
  5. My RB2 slot is a headache, weekly. Been starting Brian Robinson. Should I stick with him vs Eagles? I can pick up Latavius Murray vs Tennessee or McKinnon vs Jaguars. I also have Eli Mitchell just activated and Rachaad White on bench thoughts.....
  6. I'm thinking of trading Deebo Samuel for Zeke. I literally don't have a viable RB2 on my roster. I do have some wide receiver replacements and I'm thinking of using Deebo's name while I still can. Lot of mouths to feed in San Francisco. thoughts?
  7. Guillotine league. QB is probably my weakest spot. I wanted to hold out some FAAB for later in the season to get a stud QB but I am in a dilemma right now. Cousins is on a bye. Wentz was about to get dumped anyway but now its a no brainer. Do I pick up Heinicke or Tua. Remember I have to play them this week for sure. Heinicke vs. GB or Tua vs. Pitt. All signs point to Tua playing. Thanks!
  8. Higgins (if active) might be a decoy Can’t decide on who to start. Must win week for me. I need upside by the way since I’m projected to lose
  9. I need help my QBs have cost me 3 losses. I am fully tilting!! Week 1 Dak 4.98 pt , Week 2 Lance 2.5, Week 3 & 4 Tua (11 & 2.4) If you could give a reason why I should start one, I’d appreciate it!
  10. I lost Dak Lance & Tua and picked up Wentz & Jameis. My starting QBs have scored under 11 all 4 weeks!!!! 😡 My thoughts: Wilson has best matchup vs Dolphins Geno & Teddy safest floors & are consistent. Geno tough Saints matchup Wentz & Winston (if he plays) have the upside for a top 5 finish Rush has been playing well & faces bad passing defense. But worried about Ramsey & Donald Fields is a gamble w huge rushing upside. Hurts had 50 yards & 2 TD runs vs Vikings week 2. Could have 100 rushing yards & 1-2 TD runs
  11. Just got an offer to trade Raheem Mostert for Travis Etienne. What do y’all think?
  12. So I have a problem which is a good probably to have. I have three maybe four possible players to choose from for my keeper and I cant decided who to take. So the way we do our draft is we have our keeper for the first round and the second round starts the actual snake draft. I draft in the 10 spot since I finished 3rd last year. 12 man ppr league. Whos yall think I should pick for my keeper and how yall think I should play out my first pick after the keeper round is done? Im leaning toward Ekeler and then get another RB at 10th pick.
  13. Here’s the skinny. I’m in a competitive dynasty league. 1/2 point ppr with 3 keeper/dynasty slots. To keep it costs 1 better draft pick then when they were drafted. (Or last round for a FA pickup.) I have one pick locked, loaded, and set in stone. WR: Justin Jefferson with my 2nd to last pic. (Duh) I then have 2 spots to fill. Here’s who’s left RB: Dalvin Cook (1st round) RB: Javonte Williams (7th round) WR: Michael Pittman (8th round) All this boils down to… which one would you drop? Why?
  14. Must keep 2 from Najee Harris, Barkley, Fournette, Evans. 10 team full PPR, double points for out of position TD's, don't have to give up anything to keep 2 players. Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex (rb/wr/te). I have the 5th pick in the draft which essentially starts in the 3rd round.
  15. 12 ppr Team League- get to keep 4- doesn’t effect draft picks- start 3 WR and flex- 1 QB -2RB decided already to keep Eckler- Jefferson and Lamb? Now must decide between QB Murray- TE Pitts or another WR Waddle? thanks!
  16. Man At The Top 2022 Suicide Pool!! registration deadline is 9/11/2022 6:00 AM EST.You can pick a team more than once and the pool ends when there is one player left, or when the regular season ends. Entry Fee $25.00, there are no limits on the number of entries.100% of the money collected goes into the pot.Read The Rules here. Last year, the pot was the biggest ever, $4,360.00. I would like to grow the pot to north of $5,000.00.\, please share this email with family members, acquaintances, co-workers, or anyone you think is up to the challenge of vying for the title of 'Man At The Top 2022'.Will it be you? Register Today!Good Luck!
  17. **Brand new 32 team fantasy football league! Via Sleeper** *super competitve and intense 32 team fantasy football league. Must pay 2 years up front $10 buy in $320 winners pot. * [View details and join league](https://www.leaguesafe.com/classifieds/listing/4035130) *Draft Date:* Friday, June 10, 2022 *Platform:* Sleeperbot **Scoring** * PPR **Format** * Dynasty * Snake **Size** * 16+-team **Settings and rules** PPR, instead of requiring you to have a QB in your lineup we will run a superflex position, and an extra flex instead of a TE.
  18. Renfrow or Burkhead or Knox in the flex. Gronk is starting at TE
  19. Help me set my lineup for championship week please!! RB Dalvin Cook RB Najie Harris WR Antonio Brown WR AJ Brown Flx Ronald Jones Flx Sony Michelle Bench - Justin Jefferson, Tee Higgins. Zeke. Darrel Williams. Javonte Williams. CEH. Damien Harris. Feel like i had to bench Jefferson with the news of Kirk Cousins being Out. Thinking of flexing Tee Higgins but feel like Ronald Jones / Sony Michelle will both see 20 touches and have pretty high floors. Would you guys make any changes?
  20. I have Mixon, Zeke, Sony Michel, and R Jones. Im tempted to play Jones cuz they play the Jets. But Michel is on a tear and right now I have Michel and Mixon starting. I welcome any thoughts and help.
  21. I have Mixon, Zeke, Sony Michel, and R Jones. Im tempted to play Jones cuz they play the Jets. But Michel is on a tear and right now I have Michel and Mixon starting. I welcome any thoughts and help.
  22. I have Mixon, Zeke, Sony Michel, and R Jones. Im tempted to play Jones cuz they play the Jets. But Michel is on a tear and right now I have Michel and Mixon starting. I welcome any thoughts and help.
  23. I think my biggest confusion is TE . GESICKI was locked in but Hooper seemingly has better promise. HENRY is on the bench too. Second concern would be QB . HURTS, JACKSON
  24. Who would you start in week 15... Jalen Hurts versus Washington or Taysom Hill versus Tampa Bay?
  25. Miles sanders vs jets or jerry Jeudy vs kc 12 team ppr
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