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Found 4 results

  1. The National Football League and NFL Players Association are launching an effort to learn about the potential of marijuana and its components like CBD as alternative treatment options for pain. They’re also more generally interested in discovering how cannabis use affects athletic performance. A request for information that was published on Tuesday states that the league’s goal is “to identify investigators who have the current capability to carry out studies aimed at supplementing the NFL-NFLPA Pain Management Committee’s (‘PMC’) knowledge about pain management and athletic performance in NFL players.” The notice lists three areas of interest: 1. The potential therapeutic role of medications and non-pharmacological interventions that are considered to be alternatives to opioids in routine pain management of NFL players. Medications may include, but are not limited to, cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (“CBD”). 2. The impact of cannabis or cannabinoids on athletic performance in NFL players. 3. The potential therapeutic role of medications and non-pharmacological interventions that are considered adjunctive to routine post-surgical orthopedic pain management in NFL football players. read more
  2. 2 things I heard today that are completely devoid of logic... 1. Josh Allen would be just as good as Mahomes if he was KC's QB 2. Hill wouldn't be a top 20 WR if he wasn't as fast as he is.
  3. Chase Edmonds looks like he's got the RB1 on lockdown this week. He's playing Miami, and they rank 26th against the run. Edmonds runs a 4.55 40 yard dash, cuts quick, and runs north-south. He can also catch the ball very well, catching 81% of his passes so far this year, which ranks 14th in the league for RB's. He's averaging 6.1 yards per carry this year, and for consistency, he averages 5.6 yards per carry on runs less than 10 yards. 20 carries, 5.6 yards a tote for consistency = 11.2 points 6 catches, 8.5 yards per catch (his average) = 8.1 points 1 touchdown = 6 points Total points = 25.3 If you play DFS, he projected RB6 this week, and his salary ranking is 13. A definite value play. If he does better than average, that's a bonus. The stats I shared should be the expectation. What do you think?
  4. Testing