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  1. I am making the push for the playoffs I am offering Saquon and Amon-Ra and Keenan for Stefon Diggs and Kamara Kamara has such an easy schedule and Barkley's just gets tougher I still have Mixon, Walker, Jeff Wilson and Monty at Rb. Does this sound good?
  2. So…Last week I posted that second place team wanted to trade Chris Godwin to last place team for Ceedee Lamb (straight up)… Right or wrong: ( and because “the numbers did not add up” there seemed to be no upgrade or benefit to last place team who seems to have given up)—-I rejected… Now they are back with a new offer: Ceedee Lamb; Edwards-Helier and Chase Claypool (from last place team) for Brandon Cooks; Hollywood Brown and Chuba Hubbard (from 2nd place team)… Sorry—- I am leaning towards changing the settings on CBS and calling for a league vote… Collusion??? Help and thoughts are appreciated… Thanks…
  3. Team in second place trade Chris Godwin to team in last place—- straight up—- for Ceedee Lamb…Fair trade ??? Let it stand and process or veto???
  4. I was offered KW3 & HIGGINS for Henry. I like the upside of adding a good WR like Higgins. (I was originally offered Kamara/Higgins but I got him to switch to KW3) thoughts?
  5. I was offered Higgins and Kamara for Henry. Thinking of accepting now that Mitchell is back. Need some upside at 5-5 Thoughts
  6. So I just lost my TE for the season (Ertz). A guy in my league wants to trade his TE (Pitts) for one of my WR. What yall think? Who should I trade if its worth it. I was almost thinking about going for PItts and Piecre. First picture is my team. His is the second picture.
  7. Tua is out and Kyler scares me against SF with bad hammy. Would you do this trade for this week? My other WR's are JJ, Davante, Sun God, Josh Palmer, Keenan Allen ( I know but if he gets healthy he is a ppr beast for the playoffs.) \ Since I can only start 2 Wr's and one flex and bye weeks are over for most of my team I never play Deebo so shouldn't I shore up my one position of weakness. While Tua is a beast he is only one hit from out for the year and Murray in reality sucks and with a hamstring his value is awful. What do you think?
  8. BIG trade possible I give Kenneth Walker and Deebo I get McCaffrey and McLauren I still have JJ, Davante, and Amon-Ra, (also Keenan , when healthy? and Josh Palmer) What do you think?
  9. I'm thinking of trading Deebo Samuel for Zeke. I literally don't have a viable RB2 on my roster. I do have some wide receiver replacements and I'm thinking of using Deebo's name while I still can. Lot of mouths to feed in San Francisco. thoughts?
  10. 12 team PPR. I am currently 4-5 tied for second in my division. Had a tough start with Akers, Pitts, Swift, ARod, etc. I really feel like I can get back into the thick of things with there only being a couple guys over 5 wins & everyone else sitting around .500. I haven’t made any trades all year, just been playing the waiver wire. My current roster is QB: Fields, Lawrence RB: Swift, Pollard, Foreman, Akers, B. Robinson, G. Edwards WR: Jefferson, Cooper, Mooney, Gallup, A. Pierce TE: Pitts, Hurst D/ST: Tampa K: Myers I was fortunate to drop Rodgers for Fields right before he started lighting it up. Would you be comfortable moving TLaw in my shoes & would you trade him straight up for Pickens? Really feel like he might take off with Claypool getting traded. Or would you stand pat & make sure Fields is going to work out? Thanks in advance.
  11. Have LaMar Jackson on bye and best QB available is Trevor Lawrence or Mariotta. Could make deal to get Justin Fields who could be not only streamer option but one to consider playing more frequently. Have had Swift on bench forever now. My other RB's are Etienne, Ekeler, Montgomery, Williams (Lions), Rachaad White and Elijah Mitchell. Not sure if Swift will ever be his full self and have kept him on bench since he's been back. But then again, its the hope that Swift will be what everyone knows he can be. What do you think about Swift for Fields?
  12. Would you give up Swift/Schultz for Etienne? Her TE is Higbee, so it'd be a decent upgrade at TE with a small drop at RB. 10-team 0.5 ppr (1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1RB/WR/TE, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DST) QB: Kyler Murray WR: Tyreek Hill, Ja'Marr Chase, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Drake London RB: D'Andre Swift, Gus Edwards, Kareem Hunt, Brian Robinson, AJ Dillon, Tyler Allgeier TE: Dalton Schultz, Gerald Everett, Pat Freiermuth K: Harrison Butker DEF: Jacksonville (streaming)
  13. How much is Tee Higgins worth right now and how much is too much to pay for him? Would a package of Rhamondre + Godwin be too much or too little in full PPR? I’d imagine with Chase missing a good length of time and the easiness of the Bengals WR schedule that Higgins should slot in as a WR1, no?
  14. Was offered Diontae or Brady for Tyler Higbee. Current Qb is Geno and my other TE is kittle. Would you make either of these moves, and if so, which ones. Tua is also currently on waivers too btw.
  15. I'm currently heavy on WR with week a 9 bye. I'm hoping the planets can align and Sutton and Jrob both have decent weeks. Question is what are some examples of WR you think I could target?
  16. 12 team full PPR. Worried about my WR core after losing Hollywood last week and looking to movie either JRob or ETN for a WR2. My remaining WRs are AJB, Godwin and Doubs Which back would you rather hold? My initial thought is to try to move JRob since ETN has been trending up and Robinson hasn’t been overly effective, but I wanted to get some second opinions.
  17. 2 - 4 I have no viable RBs really. but this gives the number 1 team Kupp. He has Waddle, Jefferson, Kamara, Pierce, Stevenson, Robinson, so he has hit on the Waivers and late round fliers. and trying to get Najee for Singletary and Sutton Standard Redraft QB: Dak, Geno WR: Kupp, Sutton, Kirk, DeVonta Smith, Lazard, Alec Pierce RB: Montgomery, Benjamin, Singletary, Foreman TE: Kelce K and DEF: streamers
  18. I just traded Aaron Rogers/Courtland Sutton for Michael Pittman Jr/Brandon Aiyuk. Justification: I needed a WR to replace Sutton with Wilson tumbling. Aiyuk was a bonus because he needed a QB since Wilson is his main guy. .5 PPR league.
  19. Currently 5-1 basically riding Kupp and Diggs with not so ideal RB options. Would it be worth it to propose a Cooper Kupp and James Conner trade for Tyreek Hill and King Henry? Or should I continue riding the #1 and #2 WR's and hope as the season progresses my RB's move up in the rankings? 2022-10-18_11-02-46.pdf
  20. Hey guys, in this 10 person PPR league, the Hopkins owner is more open to trades than other people. I have Debo as WR1, and a rotating shift of Metcalf, Dionte Johnson, and Curtis Samuel at WR2. Do you think any of the three WR2 candidates are worth trying to trade for Hopkins? Or are his best days behind him? Thanks!
  21. I'm thinking of trading Higbee and Lazard for Amon-ra on his bye. The guy with amon-ra really needs to win this week so I think there's a chance he accepts. Would you make this trade?
  22. Are people trying to buy low on Kittle hoping he turns it around? Full PPR I have Ertz and looking to trade for Kittle. Thinking I can offer Ertz + JRob for Kittle. I have Hollywood so I probably wanna sell one of my Cardinals before Nuk comes back and my other RBs are Ekeler, Rhamondre and Dobbins
  23. My only concern is Tyreek's QB situation ( I know Geno could turn into a pumpkin) and despite a huge share of touches Mixon hasn't been as productive. WHAT DO I DO????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  24. I give Breece Hall and Tyler Lockett for Jeff Wilson Jr. and Tyreek Hill My other RB's are Saqoun, Kamara, Montgomery and Mostert. The trade offers ends tonight I need some input please.
  25. Weird league scoring. Full PPR, 1/2 PPCarry. Currently 4-1. Feel I need an elite WR at this point, and Breece Hall has a ton of trade value on that back of **Potential** after last week. Current roster is: Jalen Hurts Saquon Breece Hall Tee Higgins Drake London Taysom Hill Kenneth Walker III Koo Bills -- Najee Corey Davis Zay Jones Alec Pierce Juju TJ Hockenson IR: Elijah Mitchell
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