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2019 Rookie Draft: Round 3

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Official thread. The draft starts on Monday, July 15th @ 8:00 am CDT.   


Replies to this thread are official.  Please keep the official draft threads clear of anything but draft picks.  Create a separate thread if desired for any draft commentary or dialog.  Thanks and good luck!


As always, remember the following rules:


14.6: Each team will have 24 hours on the clock to make their pick. If the time limit expires before the pick is submitted, the next teams in order can submit their pick, but the team whose time limit expired can still submit their pick at any point.  When posting a missed pick, teams should still use the same pick number and post the pick in the current draft round.  For example, if pick 2.3 was missed and the 3rd round is underway, the team would still post the pick as pick 2.3 in the 3rd round draft thread. 


14.6.1:  This includes any trade of the pick as well.  If a pick is traded, the initial 24 hour window is still enforced.  (Texts, e-mail, phone call etc. are valid for drafting players - please contact a commissioner to do so.)


14.7 Any missed 1st or 2nd round picks that are posted/picked in the 3rd or 4th round are not eligible to be placed on the Practice Squad.


Round 3 Draft Order:


1 - Necessary Roughness

2 - Donkey Power

3 - Titsburgh Feelers

4 - Tyreke's Weak Punch

5 - Stanley Morgan

6 - Josh Seil's Team

7 - Come-A-Runnin' Boys

8 - Icarus

9 - Sam Allen's Team

10 - JD Bartell's Team

11 - Gameday Demons

12 - Bofa Deeznuts


Official posts should look like this:

1.1 - Ben Dover, RB, NYG

Team Name

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