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Competitive league, bid for draft slots,sign players. "semi-dynasty"


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This is a Yahoo H2H, Live Draft league. Keeper, and "semi-dynasty"

as of now its free, but later on either before or after the draft a prize money situation will be worked out.

costs nothing to join right now.(there will only be prize money if managers vote on that


1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 WR/RB, 1 TE, K, Defense

10 yards a point for Rushing/Recieving

25 yards a point for Passing

Touchdowns are 6


Fantasy Money (basically like the teams salary cap, you use it for siging free agents, bidding on a draft pick, and franchise tagging your stars)that gives the manager more depth in owning his team:


Each team is given 50$ fantasy money or FM (This is for free) at the beggining of the season to sign and franchise tag players and agents, determine their draft order, or trade it away.


The draft is a normal live draft, you wont spend money on the players you draft, this isnt one of those player money value league. You only spend your FM on free agents you pick up during the course of the season. and you spend it on your draft posistioning and frnachise tagging, both are explained below:


Each Player you sign off the waivers during the season will cost you an average of 3$ FM, sometimes more or less depending on the player and position.


The draft order will be decided by a draft "auction". You bid however much you want for a certain posistion in the draft. For example if you wanted the second spot in a 14 manager league and you lay down 10 FM for it and no one else offers anything higher you will get the second spot (the bidding will only take place after we have a gaurenteed number of owners playing [12-14] so it wont mess up your strategy.)

If you dont want to use your FM on the draft you can hang on to it and it will be placed behind the people who did use there money, if no one ends up using there FM for the draft, a random draft will take place.


The players you draft in the 2006 draft dont cost you any FM, its just the agents that will. Except in the case of your "franchise tagging". If you end up having FM left over from the 2006 season you may spend 25 of it on a franchise tag for your star player, this is the player that will be appointed to you at the beggining of the 07 season. If you end up having 50 or higher FM left over from the 06 season because you traded for some you can tag multiple players that will rollover onto next years roster.


I hope the fantasy money feature will be a realistic addition to this league.

If you think you are interested you can email me at: JimRome99@msn.com

Include an adress that I can forward you more information on the league with.

Be active please!


Only 7 spots left

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