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Please help on a QB start....


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Its playoff time, so i need to ramp it up a notch and I need some outside opinions.... Since I am new here, I am using the sticky to guide my post. My issue is that I have a great team, but weak QB's carrying 3 when i can only start one. Rex, Rivers and I picked up Garcia when i finally dumped Jake. I just cannot decide who to start....


* What are the starting lineup requirements......


We can only start one QB (my league is on the CBS Sportsline site)


* When listing players that you may......


Rex (vTB), Rivers (vKC), Garcia (@NYG)


* Provide some of the reasons why you may be leaning .....


I have ridden rivers for the last few weeks and he has done pretty well, but with Rex looking better and Garcia playing well and going up against a fairly weak giants pass defense, i am really stumped.


If the season has told me anything its that if you have LT, which I do, I just shouldn't really worry about it, but I am playing the second best team in the playoffs (the two best teams are in the same division so #2 is a wildcard)


my current lineup:


P. Rivers QB SD v KC 12/17 8:15

S. Alexander RB SEA v SF 12/14 8:00

L. Tomlinson RB SD v KC 12/17 8:15

M. Colston WR NO v WAS 12/17 1:00

T. Owens WR DAL @ ATL 12/16 8:00

A. Gates TE SD v KC 12/17 8:15

S. Graham K CIN @ IND 12/18 8:30

D. Chargers DST SD v KC 12/17 8:15




J. Garcia QB PHI @ NYG 12/17 4:15

R. Grossman QB CHI v TB 12/17 1:00

D. Foster RB CAR v PIT 12/17 1:00

R. Caldwell WR NE v HOU 12/17 1:00

D. Henderson WR NO v WAS 12/17 1:00

D. Giants DST NYG v PHI 12/17 4:15


Thanks Folks!



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