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Auction Draft Sheets


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Does anyone know how to convert an auction draft cheat sheet from 12 to 16 teams? I'm sure theres some kind of equation to apply. I suck at math. Maybe calculate what percentage of the overall pool a certain player is going for and multiply that percentage by the difference in overall monies available. Example: LT is projected to cost $89 in a 12 team $200 bank league. The overall pool of available money is $2400, $89 is .037 of the total pool. The overall pool of monies available in my league is $3200. .037 of 3200 is $118. Math majors, is this even accurate? If so can this be accurately applied to the entire player pool? If so, is there a way to apply it to the entire player pool without manually calculating the entire thing. Excel spreadsheet perhaps? TIA.

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Okay so I used the SOFA Auction Mock and cut and pasted it into excel. Then I multiplied all of the draft values by 1.33 (the difference between 2400 and 3600). 2 problems. The first being all of the dollar players are now 1.33 which isnt possible and its sucking money outa the whole pool. Second, my league isnt ppr. Does anyone have a link to a 12 team non ppr auction? I dont think there is a way to fix the other problem...

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