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Two Tough Decisions


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This is my first post after having lurked for some time now...


I have a hell of a week 6 bye problem (what's with the NFL letting six teams go on a bye in the same week anyway?), but through decent keeper planning, solid draft (right SJax and Lee Evans?), and a couple of trades I think I'm nicely situated for a playoff run. The problem is that I'm 2-3 and have to first make the playoffs. Luckily, six teams go and the last two can get in on total points scored.


First up: I've been offered Palmer for Manning straight up. First thought was "and what else", but considering Palmer is past his bye week that is an extra game I'd get. Further analysis reveals a nicer schedule for Palmer -- particularly during the playoffs. Palmer gets the Rams, 49ers, and Browns while Peyton gets the Ravens, Raiders and Texans (much improved plus division rival). My first response was that I'd think about it but him including Wayne for my Boldin would almost surely get it done. I told him to propose whatever variation(s) he was comfortable with and I'd look all of them over. At the end of the day, though, it's still hard to give Manning for another QB straight up...


Next up: I'm currently forced to start either of Wright or Betts along with L. White as my 2 RB's. I could only entertain the idea of starting a 3rd RB if I made the trade above. But the real question here is whether or not I should drop Betts for Kenny Watson or hold him for now. Kenny should have more value this week, but if that difference isn't significant then I'm likely better off hanging onto Betts, right?


Thanks in advance,

~ Fred

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The Manning for Palmer trade is officially completed. My only remaining question is whether or not to drop Betts for Watson. I have Wright, but Crennel says that if Lewis can go he'd start, which would leave me forced to start Betts. With Portis healthy that is less than ideal.


Also, should both Wright and Watson start then owning both would give me the option of starting both along with L. White. This is a scenario I could really need in the event Boldin doesn't play because I don't think it would be prudent to start Jacoby Jones...


~ Fred

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