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Major Trade, Need Advice & Input


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Let me start by saying that currently I am 5-0 and have a 3 game lead in my division. I have been seeking out a trade that can help me have a stronger team towards the end of the season since I am a lock for the playoffs pretty much. I think I found it and am looking for any advice.


My Current Lineup: (my league requires starting only 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1FLX (RB, QB, or WR), 1TE, 1DST)


QB: Jay Cutler

QB: Matt Hasselbeck

QB: Daunte Culpepper

RB: Addai/Keith

RB: Portis

RB: Ahman Green/Dayne

WR: Plaxico

WR: Andre Johnson

WR: Derrick Mason

WR: Andre Davis



Now, I could stand pat and e in okay shape, but I have a huge gaping hole at TE and I would like a higher potential RB than Portis or Green.


I have been offered:


Cutler & Portis




Frank Gore & Dallas Clark


Now, I will lose this week because Clark, Addai, & Gore are on Bye so I will have to start Dayne & Green just to fill out a legal roster. However, in the long term, do you think Gore is going to pick it up with a lighter schedule coming up towards the end of the season? Clark is top 2 TE so thats a no-brainer. Bottom line, I dont care about losing this week. An undefeated season would be cool, but losing at the end wouldnt. If I do this trade, I go to 5-1, but my starting line-up for the rest of the year (since all my RB have passed bye weeks) would be:


QB: Hasselbeck

RB: Addai

RB: Gore

FLX: Green or Culpepper

WR: A Johnson

WR: Plax

TE: Clark


If I dont do it, I am looking at:


QB: Hasselbeck

RB: Addai

RB: Portis

FLX: Cutler/Green

WR: A Johnson

WR: Plax

TE: ????? (waiver wire?)



PLEASE gimme any input. Tell me I am a moron for thinking about it at all, or the other way around. But I am very torn and this is my first time on the site so I am taking a shot.




P.S. - My league is weighted towards running backs for scoring. For reference, Gore went for $62 at the draft and Cutler went for $20.

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The way I see it Cutler is a throw in the way he is playing, so it is Portis for Gore and Clark. I do that deal.


See mine: http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=224057


Thanks Wolf,


Depending on your record, it seems like a panic move. If you are still in contention and can afford 1 or 2 L's, I say stand pat. If not, go for it because the trade helps you now.

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