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Looks like I am going to be 0-2 in BOTH of my leagues. I need help.


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Now that we are headed to week 3, it looks like I will enter it being 0-2 in both of my leagues.


My scoring in week 1 was about mid-level in both of my leagues, so I am not the highest nor the lowest scorer.


My problem is with who to drop/add, who to play, etc...


Looking at week 2, I saw that Ari was playing MIA and figured that I could grab a couple of their players and score some points. I grabbed their defense and their TE (different leagues), and got nothing for my effort.


What do you guys do when you are preparing for the upcoming week? How do you decide to drop a player or add a certain one?


How important is the matchup they have?


I read somewhere that you always play your studs. I tried to play based on matchup and got burnt doing it.


Do you ever give up on a team and make sure you have none of their players on your roster? If the team continues to bomb, maybe it is time to dump them.


I also play spamola, and have not been able to select the players that have monster weeks.


My teams have not been terrible, but just not as good as they should be.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


My plans this week are to grab: Scheffler TE DEN (both teams), Sproles RB SD (both teams), and TEN DEF (2nd team)


These are my teams and thoughts on different players.

League 1:


Derek Anderson, CLE, QB (wait to see how he does?)


Reggie Bush, NOS, RB (keep)

Tim Hightower, ARI, RB (drop?)


Larry Fitzgerald, ARI, WR (keep)

Desean Jackson, PHI, WR (good 1st week, will see tonight)

Brandon Marshall, DEN, WR (keep)


Greg Olsen, CHI, TE (2 fumbles lost, drop)


John Carney, NYG, PK (keep)


Arizona Cardinals, ARI, DEF (drop. Just wanted for the Miami game)



Matt Hasselbeck, SEA, QB (No one to throw to, time for a new QB)


Joseph Addai, IND, RB (will his season improve?)

Justin Fargas, OAK, RB (will his season improve?)

Kevin Jones, CHI, RB (drop. Forte is CHI RB now)

Maurice Morris, SEA, RB (injured. Out 2-3 weeks)


Reggie Brown, PHI, WR (injured, limited play)

Kevin Curtis, PHI, WR (injured, out until week 7)

TJ Houshmandzadeh, CIN, WR (lousy start. Get rid of because of his team?)


Dallas Clark, IND, TE (injured. Time to drop? Or will he recover)


Shayne Graham, CIN, PK (drop. Team stinks)


NE Patriots, NEP, DEF (keep)



League 2:


Drew Brees, NOS, QB (keep)


Brandon Jacobs, NYG, RB (needs to find the end zone.)

Matt Forte, CHI, RB (keep)


Desean Jackson, PHI, WR (will see tonight)

Greg Lewis, PHI, WR (will see tonight)

Eddie Royal, DEN, WR (low numbers)


Anthony Fasano, MIA, TE (drop for Scheffler)


Mason Crosby, GB, K (offense is putting up some big numbers)


Arizona Cardinals. ARI, DEF (drop for TEN defense?)



Eli Manning, NYG, QB (keep. Choose over Brees based on match-up? )


Marshawn Lynch, BUF, RB (keep)

Adrian Peterson, MIN, RB (keep. Should have played instead of taken the chance)

Lendale White, TEN, RB (low numbers. Time to drop?)


Marques Colston, NOS, WR (injured. Keep for now)



So that is what I have and what I plan on doing.


What do you guys think?



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I generally go with the play my studs theory and then worry about the match ups on the lesser players. The play the studs theory for me is especially true of the first 4 weeks of the season, I want to give those guys a chance to do what I drafted them for, before I start getting clever with my lineup.


Let me give you some feedback on both teams.


Team 1:

QB is your biggest problem here, DA and Hass are both struggling mightily, I might see if I could package Hass and Housh for an upgrade at QB that you can count on to start every week. Scheffler will be a nice add there, drop Olsen and hold onto Clark until he heals up.


Team 2:

You have ALL the pieces to be succesful here, just play your studs...Peterson and Lynch should almost never be out of your lineup. I'd move Jacobs or Forte for a stud WR (maybe even both for 2 WR) and watch the wins pile up.



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Don't panic...always, always start your studs (Addai will come back; Clark will rebound; keep Colston).


Better defense might help. TEN is pretty good, ARZ is not so good, so that move is wise.


I don't really see a need to massively rework your roster. Pick up players you think have value, trade for positions you're weak on (defense?), and by all means, keep Kevin Jones if you have Forte! Always good to have that insurance policy!!


Good luck

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