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Need to trade for a QB

Idiot Savant

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I picked up Cassel off waivers last week and started him, hoping he could put up some somewhat decent numbers. Well that didn't really work out as planned. Bulger is my backup and he's not great either. I was thinking about trading for a QB last week and made a pretty similar post to this one, but I decided to hold off until I saw how Cassel performed. Now I think it's about time to trade for a QB.


My team is in my sig. I have plenty of depth at RB so I could afford to give one up. There's three teams with decent backup QBs that luckily need a RB as their starters are not that strong and none of them have any backup RBs whatsoever. The three QBs I could target would be: Rodgers, Kitna, and D. Anderson.What RB on my team would each guy be worth? Who should I target? Keep in mind we only start only two RBs in my league.


The guy with Rodgers has Jacobs and McGahee/Rice and I'm thinking after the first two weeks he won't give me Rodgers for anyone less then Earnest Graham.


I'm thinking Kitna would be worth about Kevin Smith. The guy that has him has MJD and Chris Johnson as his starters so he might think that he's set at RB position (I don't) and wouldn't want Kitna for K. Smith


Lastly, I could try to buy real low on Anderson with Kevin Smith. The Anderson owner has Clinton Portis and Jerious Norwood as his two RBs so he's most in need of that position. But is Anderson really still a QB#1 in any fantasy leagues? Will he bounce back after his first two rough matchups?


Any thoughts?

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Go ahead and try to get Rodgers but it's not likely...it would be a good trade for him as Rodgers stock is high right now. Remember that he played against DET...people saying 'Bret who?'...not a fair comparison. Just word the offer in such a way that DET made Matt Ryan look like an all star, too!!


Is Kitna the answer?


I'm just not on the Anderson bandwagon...I still think that Quinn is the answer there...someday.

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Thanks for the input!


Well I don't think many people are on the Anderson bandwagon at this point, but he may have the potential to get things together. He also has the potential to not start by seasons end. Plus that's the team with the biggest need at RB. Like you said, it would be good to get Rodgers, but is his value to high right now? Maybe Kitna is the answer here...


Anyone else have any thoughts?

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