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Should I trade?


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I need help on this one. I am 0-2 and need to make a change before I go 0-3, what do you think of this trade?


Trade proposed in Gametime Decisions


To: Bean Scent - XXXXXX

From: Repeata Bolts - XXXXXXX


A message from XXXXXX:

Your QB and TE spots are your only weaknesses right now. That and the fact that LT doesn't seem to be completely healthy at this point.


I have 2 really good QB's and many decent RB's, but I can only start 1 QB and up to 3 RB's so it's pointless to just leave them on the bench because I can't use all of them. I may as well trade to help with my WR depth because that's where I'm weakest. I'm guessing you'll want to keep Brandon Marshall and Earnest Graham now, so I won't even try to trade for them.


Trade Overview:

QB Kurt Warner (18.9 pts/gm) for QB Derek Anderson (7.0 pts/gm) [+11.9 pts/gm]

RB LenDale White (10.95 pts/gm) for RB LaDainian Tomlinson (7.6 pts/gm) [+3.35 pts/gm]

WR David Patten (7.7 pts/gm) for WR Santonio Holmes (6.15 pts/gm) [+1.55 pts/gm]

TE Robert Royal (5.6 pts/gm) for TE Todd Heap (-1.5 pts/gm) [+7.1 pts/gm]


You win in every category... ESPECIALLY the upgrade at QB. I doubt you'll find a better QB being offered to you. Obviously giving up LT might be tough for you, but maybe it's what needs to happen to change the Chargers luck this season.


I'm not super high on LT at the moment, but I know you won't give up Earnest Graham (but if you really want to keep LT and give me Graham instead then I'll take it). The same goes for Santonio Holmes, but you're probably keeping Brandon Marshall.


Here's your potential new lineup for your QB/RB/WR/TE spots (With their points per game averages):

QB Warner (18.9)

RB Graham (15.3)

RB White (10.95)

WR Marshall (22.6)

WR Patten (7.7)

TE Royal (5.6)


That's an average of 81.05 points per game for those 6 POSITIONS alone! (A big upgrade over your current average of 51.55 for your current starters at those positions.)


Let me know what you think.


VESG trades Derek Anderson, Cle QB to Bolts

VESG trades LaDainian Tomlinson, SD RB to Bolts

VESG trades Santonio Holmes, Pit WR to Bolts

VESG trades Todd Heap, Bal TE to Bolts

JGUZ trades David Patten, NO WR to Scent

JGUZ trades Robert Royal, Buf TE to Scent

JGUZ trades Kurt Warner, Ari QB to Scent

JGUZ trades LenDale White, Ten RB to Scent

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WoW alot of player swaping.but it looks like a nice deal. Warner will do damage this year w/ Fitz n Bolden. LT is going to be hampered with that TOE for some while so he won't be the LT we all know(sad to say cuz i have him too).I'd pull the trigger!


see mine.


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who ever is giving up Anderson, LT, Holmes, and Heap is getting extremely ripped off. Warner better then Anderson, but LT WAYYYYYYYY better then WHite Holmes WAYYYYYY better then Patten and Heap and Royal both suck so they don;t even factor in

What has Anderson done? S.Holmes(John Holmes does more damage on a sunday)?Patten will benefit cuz Colston's gonna be out 4-6 weeks. Henderson hasn't done squat for the Saints nor has Shockey.

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Like I said Warner is better then Anderson LT always gets off to slow a slow start so expect him to be back to him self soon and never in a hundred years would I rather have Patten then Holmes look at what patten did against wahington's bad secondary Holmes will get his looks and his deep touch downs

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This trade is silly and it is distinctly in his favor. He sure is nice to give you that crap for LT and some OK guys.


There are only two guys I would consider from his offer: Warner and White (barely White)


Now admittedly, I'm not on the Ernest Graham bandwagon, but I know what he has done. That being said, I would do a deal that was more along the lines of:










Warner is putting up good, no, great numbers, and still plays against some crappy teams the rest of the way. White is what he is...a grinder with the TD's near the goal line. Anderson could come on strong if CLE turns it around, and like I said, I'm not on the Graham bandwagon...I don't think much of TB.


No to the original deal, and "possibly" on the deal I put up there.

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