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Fantasy Playoffs Schedule


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I know you have to make the fantasy playoffs before worrying about the schedule for those weeks but I believe targeting players with great schedules during that time can benefit you greatly. I’ve been looking over the schedule and here are some observations.


-For all the hate Matt Cassel and Larry Johnson are getting they play one of the easiest fantasy playoff schedules. Week 14 @ home against Buffalo, Week 15 @ home against Cleveland and Week 16 @ Cincinnati. Besides the weather, there isn’t much to dislike here.


-For anyone who is worried about the heavy workload Michael Turner had last season and still drafts him, the fantasy playoffs for Atlanta is very very friendly. Week 14 @ home against New Orleans (indoors, shootout?), Week 15 @ the Jets and Week 16 @ home against Buffalo. 2 td’s per week during the fantasy playoffs for Turner?


-For anyone thinking about taking Dree Brees in the first 10 picks I say do it! Week 14 @ Atlanta (indoors), Week 15 @ home against Dallas and Week 16 @ home against Tampa Bay. Doesn’t get much better than that. All three games indoors.


-For anyone thinking about taking Larry Fitzgerald (even with all the madden jinx talk) in the first 5 picks, again, I say go for it. Week 14 @ San Fran on Monday Night Football, Week 15 @ Detroit (wow, indoors) and Week 16 @ home against St. Louis. Don’t tell me the schedule is too easy and Arizona won’t have to throw because throwing the ball is what they do best and that’s how you win.


-Thinking about taking Steve Slaton or Andre Johnson with a first round pick? Not a bad idea at all. Week 14 @ home against Seattle (indoors), Week 15 @ St. Louis (indoors, turf, shootout?) and Week 16 @ Miami in the sun. Those should be some shootouts.


-Green Bay players look like ones to avoid if you’re worried about the playoffs because they have it rough. Week 14 @ Chicago, Week 15 @ Pittsburgh and Week 16 is good @ home against Seattle but in Green Bay usually it’s snowing by this time of the season.


-Carolina, New England and Jacksonville have some tough schedules during the playoffs but you can’t always go by that so I’m just throwing some thoughts out there.


What do you guys think about these observations and have you noticed anything else that stands out about the fantasy playoffs?

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Good info, thanks.


Tough season schedules still will make me avoid some of these players, but I'd definitely put them on my radar for mid-season acquisitions...



@company of heroes

which players would you avoid that I mentioned because of the schedule?

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