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Ed Hoyle

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The Drama should be over, but the media is still clinging to Favre. It kind of makes you wonder how much of the whole saga was actually Brett, TT, and McCarthy. Maybe the media was wagging the dog for their own benefit.


Back to the point...


Favre said he's retired...at least for now. The story should end there.


But, the Fox Reporters, who are seemingly on a TT bandwagon, are still dredging up Favre and basically put a great portion of the Pack's 2008 failure on Favre's shoulders. McCarthy said this is a better camp because they can truly practice as a team. Players feel better without the distraction. Wah wah wah. They get paid millions to deal with Pressure.


GB is a professional football team. They are paid professional athletes. They should be able to deal with distraction. Look at the distraction and hoopla before Playoff Games, or Super Bowl. Do the teams blame their loss on distraction? (Well, Eugene Robinson had a hand in Atlanta's failure LOL :wacko: Yes, it was a cop Eugene.)


But, now for the Media, and coaches/players eluding to the distraction being their reason for failure...and to put partial blame on Brett, well, that is just another kick from a supposed reputable sports reporting venue. Then again, they do have Jay Glazer, who is a golf buddy of McCarthy. He's been in their corner since day one. Regardless, they lost as a team. Don't blame it on distractions. They had basically the same team from 2007 and didn't win. Some say that 2008 was a fluke. Well, what was the main change from 2007 to 2008 personnel-wise? D/ST injuries? If someone is on a professional football team and is a backup, then they should be able to step right in and play? That's why they are signed, right?


Let it go everyone. He's retired. If the Pack fails this year blame it on the team, the GM, or Coach. But, let it go.


When the first preseason game started last year they had a great montage titled "Championships aren't won by individuals, it is won by a team" or something close to that. Direct pot-shot drill at Favre to bolster their image for letting him go. But, that didn't pan it out. They went 6-10 as a team. ARog played very well, but couldn't come back in the 4th a few times when he needed to. D/ST fallout, but a leader should still be able to do that.


Let that montage stand and see where the Pack goes. They have an explosive Offense and a new Defense. Let their play as a "Team" speak for itself... they train as a team, win as a team, and if they do lose it will be as a team.


Don't blame it on the former player who is "Retired".






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