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Did things go as poorly as I think they did?


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Just drafted last night ....


10 teams standard scoring with .5 PPR, Start 1 QB , 2 RB , 2 WR 1 TE 1 K 1 D


Keeper league 8 players were already off the board (Turner, Slaton, Boldin, DeAngelo, Brees, Chris Johnson, Kevin Smith, Forte)

Keeping a player costs you your 4th round pick and mine was DeAngelo


I drafted 5th


Here is how my team went with the round taken


QB - Romo (6), Palmer (9)

RB - DeAngelo (keeper), Gore (1), Reggie Bush (5), Julius Jones (8), Sproles (10), McClain (12)

WR - Wayne (2), Bowe (3), Evans (7), Mason (11), Morgan (13)

TE - Zack Miller (15)

D - Jets (14)

K - Rackers (16)


The league went very RB heavy because of the flex spot and being able to keep a player for next year that you draft 5th round or later.


My thoughts


QB -- Romo borderline #1, Palmer potential bounceback year. I can play matchups hopefully

RB -- Ouch not so happy with this bunch. Thought LT would be there in the first and he wasn't. Figured Gore was still better than anything else at that point but not thrilled with the pick. DeAngelo as a keeper will be solid but not nearly as good as last year. In a PPR Bush is good IF (and its a big if) healthy. J Jones is filler. Sproles and McClain could get playing time with injuries and could be keepers for next year.

WR - I loved getting Wayne in the second didn't think he'd be there. Bowe has potential -- almost took T.O. over him but you have to figure if the crapola at QB in KC last year could get him the ball why can't Cassel? Evans has big play potential but always seems to underperform, Mason is good PPR, and Morgan is a decent sleeper

TE -- they're all the same by round 15 -- almost took Shockey instead of Miller

K and D -- had to draft something lol


I'd give myself a "B-" I think i could have done things a bit different. I overreacted to the RB run and took Bush in 5 when I could have gotten a Rodgers or Warner at QB, then come back in 6 with a just as good if not better RB (than Bush). I think my starters are okay for the most part but my depth is very questionable.


What do you guys think? Am I being to hard on my team? Decent enough or "meh"?


Thanks as always for any advice and I'll help with yours

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