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20 Team Keeper League


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My Team

QB Jay Cutler

RB Adrian Peterson

WR Reggie Wayne

WR Jericho Cotchery

WR Devery Henderson

OP Aaron Rodgers

OP --

D/ST Denver Broncos

K David Akers

Bench Zach Miller

Bench James Jones

Bench Dante Rosario

Bench Dustin Keller

Bench Maurice Morris

Bench Dustin Sproles


His Team

QB Drew Brees

RB Matt Forte

WR Steve Smith

WR Josh Morgan

WR Johnny Lee Higgins

OP Trent Edwards

OP --

D/ST Chicago Bears

K Jeff Reed

Bench Steve Slaton

Bench Ernest Graham

Bench Robert Meachem


We get to keep 3 players, and this is how our teams look before the draft. Standard Scoring except for the fact that QB's get 6 points per each Pass TD making them more valuable which is why I'm going to keep Aaron Rodgers. I was pretty intent on keeping AP, Rodgers, and Wayne until he offered me Forte and Slaton for AP.


On one hand having two elite or close to elite Fantasy RB's in such a deep league is intriguing, on the other hand if I did do this trade my WR's would be pretty weak since I wouldn't be able to retain Wayne plus I wouldn't a draft pick until #76 overall due to the keeper rules.


Would you guys pull the trigger on this deal?

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