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Looking for your Opinions


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I picked Matt Schaub in the 6th Round, 12 team league, Back ups are Edwards and Favre, do you guys think I have enough QB power to contend?


RB- Jacobs


WR- A Johnson

WR- Reg Wayne

WR- T. O

TE- Gates

D- Chicago


BN- Mcfadden

BN- L White

BN- Washington

BN - Chris Henry

BN- Favre

BN- Santonio Holmes

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Schuab can't stay healthy but he is a good qb when he is in and he has Johnson, Owens, and Slaton to throw the ball to. Since you have Favre I wouldn't be concerned. If Schuab misses a few weeks I don't think you'll lose much value putting Favre in there unless his arm doesn't hold up over the long term but since the pass won't be featured in that offense maybe he can stay fresh.

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I like Schaub -- he got hurt the last couple of years, but I don't view him as "injury prone." He has taken a couple of rough hits that resulted in him getting hurt (and which would have resulted in almost any other QB in getting hurt) -- it is not like he is brittle or soft or that he is a risk taker. I think you'll be fine.

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I think Rivers is the best and safest option as the 6th taken. Warner and Schuab are a wash to me. I mean yea Warner has Fitz but Schuab has Johnson. Schuab has missed some time with injuries but Warner is older and is a injury risk just do to age.


If Rivers is there take him over Schuab and Warner but if its just Schuab and Warner then go with your gut I guess.

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