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Charlotte Bobcats' Expansion Draft

General Itals

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Took this from ESPN Insider. Some big names in this group. Who would you take? I'd think about taking Dixon, Gaines, Jones, Kittles, Rose, Walker, Grant, Fizer and Patterson.




Chucky Atkins, Boston Celtics

Juan Dixon, Washington Wizards

Derek Fisher, Los Angeles Lakers

Reece Gaines, Orlando Magic

Anfernee Hardaway, New York Knicks

Allan Houston, New York Knicks

Eddie Jones, Miami Heat

Kerry Kittles, New Jersey Nets

Aaron McKie, Philadelphia 76ers

Moochie Norris, New York Knicks

Eric Piatkowski, Houston Rockets

Jalen Rose, Toronto Raptors

Jerry Stackhouse, Washington Wizards

David Wesley, New Orleans Hornets




Derrick Coleman, Philadelphia 76ers

Marcus Fizer, Chicago Bulls

Rick Fox, Los Angeles Lakers

Brian Grant, Miami Heat

Jason Kapono, Cleveland Cavaliers

Christian Laettner, Washington Wizards

Ruben Patterson, Portland Trail Blazers

Aleksandar Pavlovic, Utah Jazz

Scottie Pippen, Chicago Bulls

Rodney Rogers, New Jersey Nets

Malik Rose, San Antonio Spurs

Antoine Walker, Dallas Mavericks

Gerald Wallace, Sacramento Kings

Jerome Williams, Chicago Bulls




Elden Campbell, Detroit Pistons

Antonio Davis, Chicago Bulls

Jerome James, Seattle SuperSonics

Ervin Johnson, Minnesota Timberwolves

Zaza Pachulia, Orlando Magic

Jahidi White, Phoenix Suns

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there's also some washed up & sh*t names there too.


and take it from someone who watched the Sonics suck ass all year....... you do NOT want Jerome James..... frigg'in 7 foot pile of crap with an attitude problem. thumbs_d

Then again I hope you do draft him so Seattle can get out from under his contract.

Gotta take Stackhouse and/or Walker, IMO. Patterson plays way above the rim & awesome D.


Malik Rose would give you a solid defensive force @ the 4..... that boy bangs hard, smash and has spent most of his recent years backing up Duncan (and winning championships). head_ban

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I'm surprised the T-Wolves didn't dangle Olowokandi out there to try and get rid of his contract. Either they think he can be improved, or they have a trade in the offing. On the other hand, it's a safe bet the Bobcats won't take Johnson.

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I'd heard rumors that they were going to. Perhaps the ESPN list is just incomplete. I don't think it is an official list from the NBA, just something that got leaked out. Olowakandi is still young and talented big guys are hard to come by. Maybe the Wolves hope he can shake the injuries and develop like O'Neal and Harrington have.


Personally, I think its his heart that's the problem. I've seen the guy play a few minutes of phenomenal basketball and then go on a stink spree the rest of the night. You can't coach heart and it doesn't appear that KG rubbed off on him this year. I think he's a lost cause.

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