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Finished Draft....Rate My Team...Now!


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12 Team.....6pt TDs.....1 pt. 10 yards rushing/receiving.....1 pt. 25yrd/passing.......


P. Manning

L. Fitzgerald

Calvin Johnson

DeSean Jackson

R. Grant

M. Lynch

Ray Rice

J. Jones

L. Washington

Chris Cooley

Justin Gage

Jack Delhomme

Minnesota D


Love My QB, 3 WR's........RB is so/so depending on Rice, I think he's the key to a great core....I'll play DeSean Jackson in my flex position till Lynch gets back after week 3 then I can rotate them depending on performance. I have Jones and Washington to play with as fill-ins on bye weeks. Gage might be a surprise fill-in depending on my WR's but think I'm good there. What ya think?

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I think Rice does need to come through for you, but if he does, I think you'll be sitting pretty. Your WR are studs and can carry the flex position if they need to, and you might just get great points out of lynch or even jones later on. If Rice doesn't come through, you're hurting a bit at RB, but you might be able to trade to get yourself back on track.

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As stated your qb and wrs are pure gold. Be patient with your rbs and youll get a couple of starters out of that. They will start slow but youve got the type of team that will finish strong. If ryan grant can carry you for the first half of the season until guys like rice kick in i think youll be fine.

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Yea, I didn't think I would get Jackson as a 3rd WR and Lynch fell to me as I guess no one wanted to wait for 4 weeks to play him. Guess I could see if anyone would trade for Megatron inexchange for a good RB...........can't wait to get the season started! Good Luck everyone!

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