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Who should I drop Muhsin M. or Rashad Jennings -- Need QB

NJ Spartan

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So I screwed up in my draft last night and forgot to pickup a b/u QB. Having Warner I think I should get one.


I have the 1st pick on the waiver wire. QBs available are Campbell, Hill, Collins, Sanchez etc. I'm thinking of pickup up Shaun Hill as he's a "Late Round Legend" player.


But I'm wondering who to drop? Muhsin Muhammed or Rashad Jennings? Someone else? I still need to fix another problem I found which is my top two WRs both have buy weeks Week 8. Does that change your opinon on dropping Muhammed?


Again it's standard ESPN.com scoring in a 12 person league.


12 Randy Moss, NE

13 Steve Slaton, Hou

36 Chris Wells, Ari

37 Kurt Warner, Ari

60 Tony Gonzalez, Atl

61 Chad Ochocinco, Cin

84 Felix Jones, Dal

85 Vikings D/ST, Min

108 Julius Jones, Sea

109 Tim Hightower, Ari

132 Donnie Avery, StL

133 Muhsin Muhammad, Car

156 Jamaal Charles, KC

157 Steve Smith, NYG

180 Rashad Jennings, Jac

181 Jeff Reed, Pit





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Moose just keeps doing it doesn't he? almost 1000 yards last year and 6 TDs....given that he relies on route running and his hands for his value, and he has the advantage of steve smith to draw the double teams and a powerful running game, I actually like him to have another strong year.


I'd drop Rashad probably, even though he's a nice upside player to have in case MJD goes down, given your assortment of upside/risk talent, I think you can sacrifice him to keep the steady and more reliable Moose


Best of Luck,


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