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Help with my team


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Hello everyone.


First time ever doing a fantasy draft and it is 14 teams, standard scoring. I got pick number 11, 18, and so on.


I do not know much about football, I am doing this all for fun. Anybody care to rate my team?


WR: Larry Fitzgerald (Ari), Andre Johnson (Hou)

RB: Clinton Portis (WAS), Kevin Smith (Det)

QB: Chad Pennington (Mia)

TE: Greg Olsen (Chi)

K: Ryan Longwell (Min)

DST: Miami Dolphins


Others: Darren McFadden (RB), Kyle Orton (QB), Jerricho Cotchery (WR), John Carlson (TE), Le’Ron McClain (RB), Chris Chambers (WR), Rashard Mendenhall (RB), Chris Henry (WR)


Where am I weak? Most of the QBs are gone, am I going to be okay with Pennington?


Thanks in advance!


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Your Weakness is at QB. You probably don't need 2 TE's. You have 2 of the best WR's in the League. I like your RB's. Darren McFadden is getting alot of talk about having a breakout year. Clinton Portis has an injury to his ribs but he should be fine to go at opening day. Kevin Smith had a good year last year but he is on the Lions. Chris Henry is a sleeper pick. The only real weakness I see is at QB, but very nice team.

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