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Fast Willie Parker vs. Cedric Not Entertaining Benson


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1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE league 1pp25yp, 1pp10yrr, 6pt TD

QB: T.Brady vs BUF, T.Edwards vs @NE

RB: M.Forte vs @GB, W.Parker vs TEN, C.Benson vs DEN, D.Brown vs JAX, C.Buckhalter vs @CIN,

WR: T.Owens vs @NE, E.Royal vs @CIN, D.Mason vs KC, B.Marshall vs @CIN, N.Burleson vs STL

TE: A.Fasano vs @ATL, J.Finley vs.CHI

K: J.Reed vs TEN

D: Minnesota vs @CLE, Chicago vs @GB


I face a team with Warner, LT and Westbrook and BAL vs KC. Looks ugly.

Would you start W.Parker vs TEN or C.Benson vs DEN?

If Marshall plays, would you start him with Eddie Royal vs CIN or D.Mason vs KC?


Thanks in advance

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Im expecting benson to have a consistent game this season if healthy, nothing spectacular but consistent. As for Willie, I had him last year to start the season and he did great...but this guy goes down at the slightest touch and from what I remember he is suffering some type of minor injury right now.


For week 1 I would go Parker as Benson might still be developing and hopefully we can count on him to produce by week 3 or 4 (he's chillin on my bench too).

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