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Rate My Wifes Draft


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12 team Non-PPR

Standard scoring with flex.


Cutler, Jay CHI QB

Flacco, Joe BAL QB

Bradshaw, Ahmad NYG RB

Johnson, Larry KCC RB

Rice, Ray BAL RB

Slaton, Steve HOU RB

Cotchery, Jerricho NYJ WR

Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR

Galloway, Joey NEP WR -

Moore, Lance NOS WR

Muhammad, Muhsin CAR WR

Welker, Wes NEP WR

Scheffler, Tony DEN TE

Shockey, Jeremy NOS TE

Gould, Robbie CHI PK

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Steelers D

Pretty good and solid...... I see steve slaton and Larry fitz having play maker potential. However, the rest I just see solid consistent numbers. I am a big proponent on ray rice and could see him being good. Tony shef and shockey starting is a toss up to me. I like Lance Moore too. A back up qb for someone that has cutler could turn out to pay dividends if cutler doesnt work out. I would also look into j. charles to have with LJ. The only thing is that, I always like to get an elite guy at least at one position, I feel like your wife may have been chasing and following other owners leads. For instance- a tom brady, drew brees, a. rodgers, p. manning. OR a R. moss, A johnson ( i guess she has L. fitz, but I am just not high on him that much due to my worries with warner and anquan), AP, Maurice jones drew etc...., or even a Jason Witten, Tony G. What spot she have ( 7th through 9th?) You have to have one position that adds value and gives an advantage over other teams that have that advantage on you in other positions. My 2 cents which may not be much- do what you want with it......

gl and enjoy the seasosn.

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