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Thoughts on my team (8 team league)


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Hello. First of all I would like to say that I am new here and just joined tonight and was hoping to get some advice and opinion on my fantasy team!! We did a live draft but I missed the first few rounds. They drafted Tom Brady and DeAngelo WIlliams for me. They had selected Roddie White when I got there but I changed it to Jennings. I already made a couple of moves. I dropped Derrik Ward, Josh Cribbs, and Mark Sanchez. I added Brett Farve, Correll Buchhalter, and Roger Mason. I'm not sure how many touches Cribbs will see on offense so I am going to wait on him. Kinda worried about Sanchez so if Farve has a decent year it won't hurt either.



QB: Tom Brady

RB: DeAngelo Williams

RB: Brandon Jacobs

RB / WR: Correl Buckhalter

WR: Greg Jennins

WR: Wes Welker

TE: Dallas Clark

K: David Akers

Defense: Pittsburgh



QB: Brett Farve

RB: Chris Wells

RB: Leon Washington

RB: Jamal Lewis

WR: Devin Hester

WR: Antonio Bryant

WR: Roger Mason

TE: Kevin Boss

Defense: New Engalnd


Do you think I have the correct starters? I coudln't decide who to put in the RB / WR position. I read tonight that Buchalter will get most of the Denver carries so I put him there. It's either between Wells or Buckhalter. What about the people I dropped and added? Did I make good moves there? I am really week at wide receiver. I put the Steelers defense on the trading block trying to get a good caliber receiver


All input and advice much appreciated!!!


Thanks, Jon

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I'm going to assume you meant Derrick Mason of the Ravens...Roger Mason is a basketball player on the San Antonio Spurs.


You're solid at QB and WR (especially if you did mean Derrick Mason), but your runningbacks (other than Williams and Jacobs) are really bad for an 8-team league where you start a flex.


Mason is better than Cribbs and Favre is better than Sanchez so you made the right moves there, but dropping Ward for Buckhalter was a mistake. Buckhalter is probably not going to get the majority of the carries, Knowshon Moreno is expected to, at least within a couple weeks. In fact Buckhalter usually goes undrafted even in 12 team leagues, much less 8 team leagues. Dropping Derrick Ward for him was a mistake. Drop Buckhalter and pick up Ward again. Ward should start for you Week 1 because the situations with Wells, Washington, and Lewis are still unresolved.


Wells has a lot of potential but they just announced that Hightower will start, so it may take Wells awhile to put up big numbers. Same with Washington. Lewis is starting for the Browns right now but he's in a shaky situation where James Davis may take his job. Even though there's a chance of splitting carries with Earnest Graham, Ward should still get tons of touches so I'd go with Ward and start him Week 1 for now. (of course if some news comes out about one of your other guys becoming the starter adapt to that.)


There's no need for a backup tight end or defense, especially when you have two of the best in the game (Steelers and Clark.) For the Steelers and Clark's bye week you can just pick up somebody for one week....I feel like the Pats and Boss will still be on the waiver wire when that time comes in an 8 team league.


In at 8 team league there should be loads of sleeper talent available on the waiver wire at RB and WR, so look for some good value deals at RB and WR after you drop the Pats D, Boss, and Buckhalter. Ward should be one of them, and there should also be some sleeper backs like LeSean McCoy or something.


One person I'd definitely advise you to take who SHOULD be available is James Davis. He's a Browns rookie runningback who they say may take Jamal Lewis's job....in fact, there are rumors that Lewis may even be cut by the Browns before the season starts. Keep Lewis just in case but pick up Davis as one of your backups.

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