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Draft Tonight, Any Last Minute Advice, Players with Good and Bad Vibes?


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I have my 10 team draft tonight using a modified snake in drafting. Unlike other leagues, I won't know what pick I get until we draw cards tonight to see which pick I get. So I have to prepare for every pick.


Scoring for league is Passing is 5% yardage, Rushing and receiving is 10% yardage, No PPR. All offensive TD's are 5 points. I am not too worried about kickers and defenses even though we have to start 1 each week. Defensive scores are 10 points though. Make Minn, Baltimore, Pitt look better.


There is no trading in my league. This not a dynasty league either. We start fresh each year.


Roster is this, no less, no more in each position. Tight Ends are considered WR's.


2 QB, 5 RB's, 6 WR's/TE's, 2 Kickers, 1 DEF


We start. 1 QB, 3 RB's, 4 WR's, 1 Kicker, 1 DEF


So, because of more RB's and WR's starting each week RB's and WR's become valuable, and when you draft them is important.


In the past RB's have usually gone in the 1st Two rounds. Last year I went RB,RB,QB,WR,WR. GORE,MJD,BREES,Holmes, Boldin. I got lucky and made it to the finals mainly because of Brees.


This year, depending on what spot I get, I might have to change my thinking.



Top 5 picks on the come around would probably be best available, which would be possibly a RB or WR. Middle picks could be RB then WR, and late picks could be 2 RB's?


What strategy would you use in my league?



What players would you recommend that you have good vibes on. I know about AP,MJD,Forte,Turner,DWilliams,Jackson and LT. After that it gets scary.



Any advice would be helpful



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I am doing a mock draft right now and tried picking from the 9 spot.


Here is what I did. I am not sure if it is the right strategy.


Here is my top 6 picks.


1. Deangelo Williams

2. Andre Johnson

3. Ryan Grant

4. Anquan Boldin

5. Donovan McNabb ( All the QB were off the board except McNabb, this probably wouldn't happen in my league

6. Eddie Royal


It is not bad, but I probably would of liked Rogers or Rivers at QB. They were gone in the 3rd round before it even got to me.


On the second pick, LT or Frank Gore or Westbrook , Jacobs were available. Was it better going after RB or getting Johnson

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