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I want Ladell Betts you think this deal will work?


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Think Fred Jackson for Ladell Betts trade will work?


Is it worth it? I have Portis I want the handcuff, I can also tack on Trent Edwards for Brady Quinn to give him more value because he's got no QB depth.


Don't want to insult him with the offer whats your word

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Didn't want to make it bulky but here goes, as you can see he is strong on WR, weak on QB, moderate at RB

Recall I I think Jackson for Betts is the most appropriate, but I'll tack on Trent Edwards for Brady Quinn (or someone else if you think so?) Appreciate any advice

CBS standard performance league 12-team


My Team---------------His Team

J Cutler-----------------M Ryan

M Stafford--------------B Quinn

T Edwards-------------D Brown

A Peterson-------------S Greene

C Portis-----------------B Jackson

C Benson---------------L Betts

B Scott------------------P Thomas

F Jackson--------------R Mendenhall

J Norwood-------------S Jackson

L Maroney-------------B Edwards

B Marshall-------------C Johnson

D Jackson-------------T.J. Houshmandzadeh

L Coles-----------------D Bess

C Stuckey--------------J Cotchery

C Chambers-----------J Morgan

S Rice------------------M Crabtree

J Shockey-------------J Carlson

V Davis-----------------Bears


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