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10 man PPR league.....just finished draft


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Well, we just finished our draft and I think i could have done better, especially at WR.

Scoring system: 6pts/tds, 1pt/20yds pass, 1pt/10yds rush/rec, 1pt per reception.


I drafted from the 9 position. I think i may have screwed up taking SJ in the second round

instead of WR.


start QB, RB RB, WR WR, TE, D, K


Rodgers, Schaub

Gore, SJ, Rice, Lynch

Welker, Royal, L.Moore, Burleson

Dallas Clark, Fasano

Steelers, Saints

Akers, K. Brown

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i agree my wideouts are a little weak. But with the PPR i feel Welker and Royal may do better than

people give them credit for. Just hope they can do the job for me.


Lance Moore was WR 15 in our league last year. I thought he was good value very late.

I expect Colston's return to possibly help Moore.



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I agree with you on Welker but I think Royal takes a hit with Orton and an overall lousy looking situation in Denver. Moore is a toss up but I would bet against him putting up numbers you will need him to. I would consider packaging one of them with Lynch and try getting an upper tier 2 WR.

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