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FLEX QB 12 teamer 17 rounds, how did i do?


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FLEX QB 12 teamer 17 rounds, how did i do?

yahoo standard except 7 bench spots, 1 extra flex spot that is qb/rb/te/wr


1. (7) Steven Jackson

2. (18) Randy Moss

3. (31) Marques Colston

4. (42) Philip Rivers

5. (55) Matt Schaub

6. (66) Eddie Royal

7. (79) Ray Rice

8. (90) Cedric Benson

9. (103) Leon Washington

10. (114) LeSean McCoy

11. (127) Chris Henry

12. (138) Nate Burleson

13. (151) Shaun Hill

14. (162) Josh Morgan

15. (175) Green Bay

16. (186) Nate Kaeding

17. (199) Kevin Boss


here's a pic





weak on RB's because i waited, dmc taken before me, kevinsmith and grant didnt drop as i hoped, and larry johnson taken before me as well. i think by midseason my RB's have a good chance of shining off the bench.

TE: picked TE last. oh well.

3 qbs because we have the option of starting 2qb's per week.

funny: i grabbed leon thinking it was mccoy. then next round i realized it and noone picked him up :wacko:


where can i improve?

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