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How did I do?


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Auction draft- 200 salary- basic scoring + 1/2 point reception

Statergy- I wanted 2 stud recievers


R. Moss WR

A. Johnson WR

S.Breston WR

E. Bennent WR


Portis RB

F. JOnes RB

Beanie Wells RB

Fred Jackson RB

T. Hightower RB


C. Palmer QB


O. Daniels TE

NewOrleans Defense- play detriot 1st week will drop after

L. Tynes kicker

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Your stratergy left you thin at RB. Now, since you didn't list your starting requirements, I don't know how big of a problem that is for you. Since you also didn't mention how many teams are in this league, I really can't offer my opinion on how good your team is.

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