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Trade Gore/Tate and WR for FItzy or Nicks?

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12 team 2 keeper league. We're half ppr scoring which bumps up Gore's value. Guy owns both Nicks and Fitzgerald and hurting at RB where right now I have some depth. We start 2 RB and 3 WR no flex


My Team

Big Ben, Fitzpatrick

Forte, Gore, Tolbert, Tate

VJax, LLoyd, Moore, Burleson, Jacoby Jones

Witten, Pettigrew


His Team

Stafford, Romo

Ingram, Reggie Bush, Addai, Lynch

Fitzgerald, Nicks, Harvin, Gaffney, Ford

Winslow, Cook


I'm trying to figure out what a fair trade to him woud be. Obviously he needs RB help and only Fitzy or Nicks would be worth anything to me. I would probably prefer to hold onto Gore and package Tate and Lloyd for Fitzgerald or Nicks, probably Nicks. Or should I go lower with Tate and Burleson and see if he'll take it. If neither are good options then I would probably look to package Gore and Burleson or Lloyd for Nicks.


Appreciate the thoughts!


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Id do that without hesitation. Fitz and Nicks are beasts. Youd have 3 top tier WR's and you would just be starting Tolbert instead of Gore.

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If you can trade Gore for one of those wr's and insert Tolbert you improve your starting lineup by 25 pts in a .5 ppr. I personally would trade Gore for either of those if you can find the sucker that would take him. Fitz first but Nicks would be like a 1a here....

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Offer it to him like this:


Gore or Tate (his choice) AND any one of your WR's except VJax for Either Nicks or Fitz.

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