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Trade away Nate Washington or Lloyd for Wayne to fix bye week issues?

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Start 3 WRs with a max of 5 WRs on rosters in a half point ppr league. My current WRs are VJax, Brandon Lloyd, Nate Washington, Lance Moore, and Nate Burleson. I am 2-3 after double header week and have VJax, Lloyd and Nate W all on bye week 6. Rather than take a goose egg at WR3 that week I am trying to work a deal that doesn’t hurt me long term that bad. The Wayne owner may do Wayne for Washington. If I do that then my starters normally will be VJax and Lloyd and WR3 would be Wayne or Moore based on matchup. Nate W is in a better situation than Wayne in that TEN offense is doing well and Hass is playing solid. Saw the Monday night game and Painter was ok but he was clearly looking at Garcon more than Wayne. He also has Marshall but he doesn’t want to trade him for either Nate or Lloyd.


My team

Fitzpatrick, Big Ben

Forte, Gore, Tolbert, Tate

Witten, Chandler


HOU def


His team

Rodgers, McCoy

Foster, Benson, Daniel Thomas, LT

Steve Smith CAR, Marshall, Wayne, Little, Mike Williams SEA






My only other options trade wise is to trade Nate W for Victor Cruz or for Deion Branch. Not sure I want to do either of those…

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I would try to go for Lloyd for Wayne. Hasslebeck looks like he's having a bounce back year at Tennessee. I would not go for Deion Branch though. Obviously, Brady's favorite targets are Welker, Gronk, and Hernandez. The last two weeks Branch has had a total of 1 catch. Pretty pitiful. However, Victor Cruz might become Manning's No. 2 WR instead of Manningham. So if the Wayne/Lloyd trade doesn't work out, I think its still worth it.




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Tough call; I have Washington and Lloyd on one of my teams and I believe both will be good WR2 by seasons end. That being said, I value a healthy Lloyd more. Yes Decker is getting lots of looks from Orton but Lloyd is still the main man. Washington is going to get his numbers, i think, but he won't be near Britt's level.


So if you really want Wayne I would offer Washington, but if I were you I might just hang onto them both because they look to be in better situations than Wayne in Indy.. as crazy as that sounds

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Thanks guys. The Wayne owner thinks he's still better than either Washington or Lloyd so I'm probably just going to take the zero for my WR3 that week. I also play the top team and highest scoring team in the league so probably won't win anyway.


My last chance might be to trade Washington for Cruz or package Lloyd/Tolbert for Stevie Johnson. The Stevie owner needs a RB and might bite.

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