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Lloyd for Maclin?

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Maclin owner has Maclin and David Nelson on bye week 7 plus AJ out with the hammy. I've got VJax, Lloyd and Nate Washington out week 6. We start 3 and can only roster 5 WRs. Think the Maclin owner will take Lloyd or Washington for Maclin? I'm targeting Maclin because I don't see Nelson being on the same level as either of the 2 guys that I can trade.


My team

Fitz, Ben

Forte, Gore, Tolbert, Tate

VJax/Lloyd/Washington (all bye week 6), Lance Moore, Burleson

Witten, Chandler


His team

Freeman, Kolb

SJax, Blount, BJGE, Carter

AJ, Maclin, Holmes, Jordy Nelson, David Nelson


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This week isn't the issue. Next week I have 3 of my 5 WRs on bye so I either roll with 2 active WRs and just take the loss or try to make a lateral trade to get out of bye week hell. So I'm trying to see if it makes sense to trade off lloyd or preferably Washington for Maclin


I added our teams in original post

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