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Finally winning games after a horrible draft - What would you do now? WHIR 100%


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I drafted very poorly, resulting in losing 3 of my first 4 games. Through 20 WW acquisitions and a trade, I've now rebuilt my team, and won my last three games.


I was hoping that you guys could give me some advice on where to go from here. My glaring weak spot is TE, but realistically, it seems like there are only 3 or 4 decent TE's worth trading for. Their owners all want top value for them though, on average, they only score a few more points than a Cook or Daniels. Best offer I've had was Reed for Wallace. I might consider it after ODB's buy week, if he keeps performing, or I could flex McKinnon.


I still consider myself a fantasy noob, so I'm asking:


1. If this were your team, what would you change and/or focus on?

2. What would you look for on the WW?

3. Who would you drop?

4. When should I drop Khiry Robinson?


Thanks guys! WHIR

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Finding a solid TE isn't an easy task. They are almost always week to week feast or famine players. Team dynamics help out a lot of course in that regard. I like the team for the most part. Kickers are usually overlooked as non-essential, but if you could find a more solid kicker on the WW, I would definitely do that. As far as the TE issue goes, I would definitely try to find a more solid one if possible. WW check first, then trade. Worst case scenario, which I would be doing if I hadn't drafted Julius Thomas, I would recommend just streaming TE's every week based on matchups. Again, they are feast or famine players, just pick up the one with a strong matchup. Your receiver ranks are good, actually, I am a little jealous. haha Bernard is a solid player, Forsett has been good, but if you could WW or trade for a more solid RB to replace him, I would definitely try to do that. Never ever forget about trading, it can really save a team. Going to need to stream a QB for lucks bye week, so don't forget to do that.

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Zac Stacy is droppable at this point. If you can get anyone who doesn't pay much attention to football, and will look at Zac Stacy's name only, trade him if possible. If you don't have anyone like that in your league, drop him and try and pick up Tre Mason, the guy who is replacing him.

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Thanks for the replies. I'll definitely be dropping Stacy, if I can't find someone to trade for him. Robinson too, once I know Ingram is good for the ROS. I've never thought of streaming TE's, but it might be my best option at this point. I don't believe kickers are non-essential, I've seen them win games many times. I'll be picking up either Parkey or Catanzaro this week, if things go well. How about dropping the Charges for the Eagles D, are they worth my #8 WW claim? I assume everyone else will be gone.

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