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Hillman and Tate Trade Value


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I'm 5-2 ... my roster is pretty much stacked. I've worked buy-low sell-high and the WW like never before this season and it's been incredible.


I have Ronnie Hillman and Ben Tate in a Half PPR. Down the stretch, when fully healthy, my roster is built to start 3 RB and 3 WR ... 2 starters and 1 flex each.


Guy in my league has strong team, but was rolling with just Charles/FJax at RB. Now Jackson is down, he only has Knile Davis. He asked me if I would trade him Ronnie Hillman and Ben Tate for Jamaal Charles. My roster AFTER the trade would be ...


QB: Kaepernick, Foles

WR: Jordy Nelson, Demaryius Thomas, AJ Green, Michael Crabtree

RB: Le'Veon Bell, LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Carlos Hyde

TE: Jordan Reed, Travis Kelce


I would start Nelson, Thomas, Green, Bell, McCoy, Charles ... assuming full health. Crabtree + Backup TE would be my back-up flex options off the bench.


Hillman could very well have won the Broncos job this weekend. If that's true, then he's likely that RB3 for me to start in flex down the stretch, with Tate off the bench. If he isn't, and RBBC or Ball gets the job in a couple weeks ... it would benefit me, as Charles > Tate.


So really it comes down to Hillman's value going forward. And whether you would trade Tate + Hillman to get back Charles. I'm weary of making the deal based on the name-game ... but Charles isn't a slouch and has been performing well.




I could also take a bit of a gamble and just trade Ben Tate for Josh Gordon and stash Gordon for the play-off run and rolling with Hillman as RB3.

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lol why are you even hesitating? accept it beore he cancels the trade man



Well, mainly because Hillman has put up 14 and 24 points in consecutive weeks. If he has taken over that job ... which unfortunately will be unknown for a few more weeks, he has that Top 5 RB appeal that Ball presented pre-season ... except Hillman has shown he can reach that Moreno-type production last year. I guess worst case scenario is I do the trade and Hillman = Charles down the stretch. But if that's the case, I would rather take Tate and parlay him into Gordon for the stretch-run.

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I hear ya I just dont see hillman getting more than 10 carries a game when Ball gets back.


I understand your logic and reasoning and it does have some good points..


Im telling you that you should accept the Charles deal trust me alot of what youre saying is pure speculation.


You can get Charles man the #1 pick whos healthy now and already had his injury.



Dont over think it.








Man im in a ESPN Standard league and im down 12 points this week.


I have Arian Foster going tonight can I win this week man?

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Still trying to figure out whether or not to make this trade. Hillman and Tate for Charles in a half PPR ... OR Ben Tate for Josh Gordon.



QB: kaep, Foles

RB: L. Bell, McCoy, Hillman, Tate, Hyde

WR: D. Thomas, Nelson, AJ Green, Crabtree

TE: Kelce, Reed


So either I believe Hillman is the man and ride him in flex with Green down the stretch and when Gordon comes back, rotate Hillman and Gordon ... or I trade Hillman/Tate for Charles ... wipe my depth and have a dominant lineup that includes Bell, McCoy, Charles, Thomas, Nelson and Green ... but is at risk of little depth ... although I can flex out one of my TEs and obviously Crabtree. Thoughts on the better trade for a TITLE RUN? I'm 5-2

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Providing no one gets hurt on your team, I don't see ANY reason why you wouldn't win it all if you got charles with the team you have.



Thanks! Yeah, that's my mindset right now. I figure if I'm going to make the splash I might as well go all in. My team is alerady stacked. It might be so stacked that I could overcome an injury. But right now, I definitely can overcome one and almost not miss a beat with Hillman or Tate off the bench with Crabtree. But the upgrade to Charles is tempting

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