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Trade Advice-PPR Forte/Crabtree for Julius/Gio


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Here's the deal....PPR League, currently 3-5, must start QB-RB-WR-TE-WR/RB-WR/RB-WR/RB/TE.


My Team


McCoy-Forte-Fred Jackson


Gates-H. Miller


I have some bye week/injury issues this week and I kinda need the win. I have been offered Gio and Julius Thomas for Forte and Crabtree. I could care less about the Crabtree portion as I would not let a deal fall through for him. What do you guys think? I coudl technically flex Julius. If I didn't have a decent TE, I would probabyl do it. my team will be really solid once i get through this week, but if I lose this week I would be in bad shape.

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I love Julius Thomas and Gio. However, I think Forte is worth more. Running backs are so scarce and it would be argued that Forte is in a class by himself.


What does the rest of his team look like? Maybe you could pry someone else away to make it slightly sweeter.

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His team....


Gio Forsett B. Brown

E. Sanders, A. Robinson, Harvin, Royal, Hopkins

Graham, Julius


I originally offered Forte Gates Crabtree for Sanders Graham and gio and that was his counter. I todl him I would do gio julius and sanders, he thought about it, and didnt bite.

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I would not give up Graham, Gio and Sanders either for that.


I would not do business.


Who is on the waiver wire to maybe get you through this tough week without Forte?

How close are the standings?

I am 4-4 in one league sitting in 8th, and 4-4 in another sitting in 5th.

If it is close, dont panic, sit tight and weather the storm. He cant afford Forte without giving up too much.

If the standings are close you may be able to afford 6 losses and get in playoffs. I've seen 7 loss teams squeak in too, albeit rare.


EDIT: maybe you could get Rivers in the deal. Maybe not so bad then. Gio, Rivers, Julius----Forte Crabtree Romo


I need advice as well. Please visit "Julio for..." topic

Send: Julio

Receive: Jeffery, Gordon


Please advise.

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