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Please help with flex


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Lots of options for flex. PPR. Seems like they all are about the same -- kind of hoping one gets in the end zone. Does any one of these stand out over any of the others?


Bishop Sankey (Pit)

Doug Baldwin (@KC)

Davonte Adams (Phi)

Mychal Rivera (@SD)


I have an empty spot on my bench and so could also grab:


Jonathan Stewart (Atl) or

Theo Riddick (@AZ)


Any of these six jump out as a superior play? I am leaning toward Baldwin or Sankey.

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Adams is on the bottom of that list for me and Sankey is probably my top. Sankey has been getting a lot of touches and Greene got pulled after a fumble last week. He should be a decent play over the rest of these guys


Stewart plays for a team with a horrible offensive line and has DeAngelo Williams to compete with. But, he has a great match up this week.


Riddick is interesting IF and ONLY IF he's used in the passing game like he was a few weeks ago against Atlanta. Otherwise, he's down there with Adams. Perhaps after his game winning touchdown last week he will see more action but I don't know that I could risk it.


Rivera plays for a terrible team and was practically invisible on the stat sheet until week 8. The Chargers shut him out a few weeks ago when they played (other he had a single catch for 12 yards or something awful). Tough to say one way or the other for me but if his usage remains the same he's a good option in PPR. Just like Riddick though, it's all about big IFs.


Baldwin is the top option on a team that likes to run with Lynch or Wilson. And they attempted the second or third few passes in the league this season. Play with caution.

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Thanks for the thoughtful answers. Certainly no great options here. I think Riddick could have a big game and may be the most likely to score. AZ is great against the run, but that's not how Riddick is used. Plus, if Stanton is having trouble Detroit could win big. It's just that Detroit has so many weapons it's tough to rely on a guy who might get five touches. Baldwin seems to me to have the best floor, but in the end I think Sankey gets the most touches so will probably hold my nose and start him. Biggest concern there is that Ben throws a couple of quick TDs and Tennessee abandons the run. Anyway, thanks again for the help.

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