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Pick 2 WRs, 1 RB, and 1 Flex


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0.5 PPR


Topic says it all. Flex is w/r/t. Pick from this list.


Jordan Matthews @ Dallas

Brandon Marshall. @ Detroit

Keenan Allen @ Baltimore

Golden Tate vs. Chicago


Andre Ellington @ Atlanta

Ryan Mathews @ Baltimore

Isaiah Crowlell @ Buffalo

Fred Jackson vs. Cleveland

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Andre Ellington @ Atlanta. I don't want to come off as a biased cardinals fan, but how can you not start him? Falcons were just run over by the Cleveland committee crew. Also, they can't stop the pass and he'll get plenty of catches.


The majority of your list has hard match ups, I have to think that I like Tate @ Chicago.

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I actually think Tate III, Mathews and Ellington are more of a lock.

Crowell played the Falcons, bills allowed only 3 100 yard rushers and 4 TD's all season (3 TD's came in one game so only 2 games with a rushing TD) just saying. As weird as this sounds I like FJax vs Cleveland at home who's given up a ton of big games to RB's. Any team with a decent running attack will get 130+ yards and at least one TD vs Cleveland. Alshon is the primary receiver and depending on Culter vs DET and that Marshall outperforms Alshon is pretty risky, not that it can't and won't happen its a division rivalry so anything can happen.. I think its less risky to go elsewhere. I don't know if Marshall is ever benchable so I'd be ok with him at the Flex as well.

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