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Help with my lineup! Playoffs baby, Playoffs

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Well I made it. It wasn't easy but I'm finally in the playoffs and I am stumped on a couple of decisions. Who do I start at qb? Fitzpatrick or Matty Ice? What about WR and flex? Do I start my talented rookies in Mike Evans and Odell Beckham or do I run with Torrey Smith and Kenny Stills? Do I start Ryan Matthews? I'm stumped and looking for help from the best. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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You start matt ryan, though its possible you could find a better qb in free agents. You start odell beckham no doubt at all whatsoever, and then id go with stills. For your flex, thats a tough one. I would say mike evans but torrey smith has been hot. And mathews, who knows what could happen with him. Probably torrey smith if he plays

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Start matt ryan. Doesn't have a great match up but I'd take him over Fitz. And you'd be crazy not to start Ryan Mathews,he has looked very good since returning from his injury and i believe they will ride him as much as possible down the stretch. And then at WR you definitely Start Bechkam Jr without a doubt, he's been too consistent not to. And then I'd go kenny stills. I want to say Mike Evans so bad but they play the Lions and that front 7 is going to harass McCown all game and doubt he has time to take many shots down the field.

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