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What WR and QB to start for playoffs.


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I am in a pretty standard scoring league, but no PPR. It also gives out bonuses for qb's going over 300 and WR/RB going over 100. It gives bonuses on long touchdowns as well so 40-59(+6), 60-79(+12), 80-99(+18). So big plays matter too.


I have the option of starting either Eli Manning(vs titans) or Jay cutler(vs Bears) for my WR.

I really need help on know who to start as I have misplayed these two in consecutive weeks and missed their huge games. Odell Beckham Jr(vs titans) or DeAndre Hopkins(vs jags).


I can't start them both because I only have one good RB so I start Laveon Bell, so I have to start four WR's and I have Demetrius Thomas, AJ Green and Jordy Nelson locked in already.


Please help? It's playoffs.

Sidenote I do start the game with ten free points for having HFA in this game.

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I like Cutler over Manning. Cutler is inconsistent yes but he does have big games unlike Manning. He has a good match up this week against a vulnerable Cowboys secondary. And as for your WR situation, I'd have a hard time sitting Odell Bechkam, he's been so consistent and Manning feeds him the ball. Hopkins has also been consistent and has good chemistry with Fitzpatrick but i give a SLIGHT edge to Beckham and I mean slight edge.

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