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Dwayne Allen


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I think he's a better all around player than Fleener, but Fleener is bros with Luck. Given the way that Colts offence spreads the ball around, I wouldn't be surprised to see Allen get multiple scores this week, while Fleener gets under 20 yards, only to have the opposite manifest in week 16.

Given the inconsistencies at the Te position, I would start Allen this week if you don't have someone better, and hold on to him even if you do. The average score at te this week in my league was like 2.5 points, which isn't all that far from 0



Did I mention I liked your other post?

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If you have a chance to grab Fleener, it wouldn't be a bad move. I personally feel that Allen is the better TE and overall better player, but as 3downleague said, Luck has been giving Fleener more and more opportunities overall, and especially in the red zone. Allen is the better pass catcher, but I think Fleener gets open more often and after Allen missed some time with injury, I think Luck tends to look for Fleener first. More looks = more opportunities to score, especially since Luck's first read in the red zone tends to be to his TE's. I have Allen on my team but I can see which way the wind is blowing in Indy. I don't think Allen will become irrelevant, but Fleener seems to be in a better position to score ROS.

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