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Drafting Jordy in a keeper league


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I'm the commish in a league that's been running 10 years and we are going to a 2 player keeper starting next year. With Jordy being hurt I was thinking of taking him in the 10th or so round so I would have the ability to keep him next year for that cost. We are allowing people to keep a player for 2 additional years after the original draft year at the cost of the drafted round. We have 2 IR spots so it wouldn't take up a roster spot.


Anyone have any opinions on this? Kelvin Benjamin would possibly also be an option here but since you can only keep a player for 2 years I think Jordy is a better fit. If you like the idea, what round do you think it makes sense? Also, if it's a good idea do you think I should try to trade for the pick directly before or after my pick in that round to allow me to take both Jordy and Kelvin? Once I take Jordy someone could jump on Kelvin before it gets back to me in the following round.


Thank you so much for your input

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Do u have an IR spot on your roster so it won't hurt you to keep him on ur roster? If u don't have an IR spot I wouldn't be trying to do it. However if u do have an IR spot it is worth it. But I wouldn't do it until the end of the draft unless I heard people talking about taking one of them. Usually u will know the people in ur league willing to take a shot at something like this and people who won't even think about taking either one.

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Hummm, interesting idea. Keeper league here as well.


I will assume you draft your kicker and defense last. and I don't know how many rounds you have. But if this has been brought up by others in your league, is round 10 to late?


I'd personally draft him last, because he's still a risk for next season depending on how bad this injury is.


You have two IR spots, what's the harm? DRaft players that done have a history of injuries and you should be fine.

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