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Potential trading loophole


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I don’t know if you guys have run into this before, but I hadn’t in 10 years of fantasy sports, so i thought I’d share...


i completed a trade with another manager this week. At the time, his roster was down a player due to moving a player to the IR. So when he accepted the trade that would send him 2 players in exchange for 1, he wasn’t prompted to drop a player. During the 2-3 day processing period, he picked up another player, giving him a full roster, which caused the trade to fail, but only after the entire 2-3 day processing period ended. Now, because we don’t have another 2-3 days before this week’s games, and part of the reason he wanted the trade was specifically for this week’s games, he is a hesitant to accept the re-submitted trade offer.


I share this primarily to warn you guys about roster sizes when pushing through trades. That being said, this information could also be used nefariously if you have no soul, haha. Simply drop a player before accepting a 1-for-2 deal that you’re wishing-washy on, and you’ve essentially locked the other manager into a temporary deal which you have 2-3 days to back out of if you so choose. Wouldn’t come into play very often, but could affect deals that include players that are questionable in midweek practices, players appealing suspensions, or Ezekiel Elliot...

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For sure I could see this being an issue.. I took out the IR spot because it causes 'issues' with owners, although now they miss it but they don't remember someones status changing on Friday evening and they try to 'add' a player but they need to drop someone first to clear up the IR spot and then make a transaction...  I definitely see the 2-3 day processing period causing issues when it comes to management.  I still think that it seems common sense that if you don't get a warning that probably the other owner should not be filling a roster knowing he will have a pending trade go through.  I mistakenly add/drop a waiver pickup last week on a player I forgot was playing on Thursday night because they were on my bench, so I lost the transaction because they were locked... my bad I should've dropped them freed the spot and made a normal 'add' transaction.. some people do that for that reason I believe it 'tips' your hand at what you're going to do sometimes maybe inflating a bid on 'xyz' player that a couple people could go for.

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