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Another NCAA Pool


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This one's a money pool, $10 entry fees, 3 way pot split.


    *  Each round is worth 32 points.

          o Round 1 - 1 pt. per game

          o Round 2 - 2 pts. per game

          o Sweet Sixteen - 4 pts. per game

          o Elite Eight - 8 pts. per game

          o Final Four - 16 pts. per game

          o Championship - 32 pts.



# Round 1 Prize

Player with the most Round 1 wins receives 1/9 of the prize fund ($1 times total players).


# 2nd Place Prize

Player with the 2nd most total points receives 2/9 of the prize fund ($2 times total players).


# 1st Place Prize

Player with the most total points receives 6/9 of the prize fund ($6 times total players).


# A running total of the prize fund will be displayed and updated as payments are received.

# A tie for most points results in a split of the prize fund.


This one is run by the Commish of my local football league, he's CS major and built our league site and this site himself.

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