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Anyone interested in joining a dynasty league


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Is anyone here interested in a dynasty type league. It will use both contract years for players as well as a salary cap. My initial set of rules involving the contract/salaries/etc is as follows, bt is subject to change after we get 12 owners and decided on the final set of rules. Please email jeremyj@tca.net or I may be found on AIM (username yegua22) if you are a serious owner who is in it for the long haul, I dont want to have to replace owners every year. The fee will peobably be 30 dollars a team, with all money, after the cost of hosting the league, going to the prize(s), which will toal around 300 dollars. Please contact me if interested. I will try to be on aim as much as possible today. You can also post any rule suggestions you have.



Contract/Salary Rules


1. A team may give out a maximum of 25 contract years. Players not given contracts will be considered to have a 1 year contract and will not count toward the total of 25 allowed.

2. The league wide minimum salary depends on a players position and is as follows

QB/TE/DEF - 2 Dollars

RB/WR - 3 Dollars

K - 1 Dollar

3. A players salary will be evenly divided throughout the life of the contract. For instance a 5 year 25 dollar contract will be 5 dollars a year in value.

4. A contract can be a maximum length of 5 years.

5. A team may only exceed the salary cap in order to sign draft picks or to sign minimum value contracts for a length of 2 years or less.


Offseason Free Agency Rules


1. Players who are not under contract and are not incoming rookies will be free agents.

2. Free agents will be placed on the team that makes the highest contract offer, in terms of total dollars, to that player. For example a 4 year 8 dollar contracat (2 dollars per year) would lose to a 2 year 6 dollar contract (3 dollars per year).

3. Each year a team may designate one of the upcoming free agents as a "franchise player". This will allow them to match any offer that player gets from another team via free agency, as long as it does not put them over the 25 year contract limit or the salary cap.




1. Each year a rookie draft will be held where incoming rookies will be drafted.

2. A drafted rookie will automatically get the following contract

1st round pick - 2 year 14 dollar contract

2nd round pick - 2 year 10 dollar contract

3rd round or later - 2 year 8 dollar contract

3. A team may go over the cap to sign their incoming rookies.

4. The draft order will depend on the finish from the previous year. The draft will be an NFL style draft, where the team with teh worst recond gets the first pick in every round.

5. Tie breakers from teh previous yera will be broken by total points scored. If there is still a tie the teams will alternate picks by round, with a coin flip determining who gets the initial pick in the first round.

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